Monday, October 29, 2007

Knitting Withdrawl

Arghh!!! I didn't knit all weekend! Just cooking and cleaning for me...and 2 days later the house isn't even that clean, (is it ever?!). I clean the kitchen and my older son comes behind me and spills juice on the floor, spreads craft supplies all over the table, and dumps out his box of dominoes. I fold laundry, and leave the room for one minute only to return to a gleeful baby buried in clothes on the floor. Life is good - even when I don't have time to knit.

Somehow, I did have time to buy yarn! I stole away (ALONE) to get a blood test, and sneeked off to the yarn store on the way back. Two balls of lovely sock yarn will insha'Allah become fingerless gloves,

and one ball of olively greens for experimentation:

I also bought sets of wooden Brittany double-pointed needles - 0's and 5's. Nothing like addin' to tha stash to put me in a good mood!

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