Monday, October 15, 2007

Family Day

Yesterday we continued our Eid celebration with a day at home - my husband bought the big skateboard he had promised Zaahir, plus an over-the-top water-squirting big wheel-type vehicle. Zaahir went bananas! He was even more excited about the blue big wheel than he was about the book I gave him! He spent most of today riding around our apartment complex squirting plants.

Last night Mohamad's cousin came over for dinner:

Eid Menu #2
Yesterdays meatballs in pea pod stew (from peas we picked this summer)
Roasted chicken with potatoes and eggplant
Rice with garbanzo beans
tomato cucumber salad
berry soup parfaits (this time made with cranberries and 2 kinds of blueberries)
Arabic coffee
We Do Eat Well

Berry Parfaits

Apricot and Strawberry Butter Cookies

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