Tuesday, October 23, 2007

If my head weren't attached....

I try, I really do. But sometimes, I think I am going to lose my mind - over little things like lost socks and because my son won't brush his teeth (No, really, it's been three days!). My dream is to throw away everything and start over. My husband knows this - he found me crying into the laundry basket this morning and comforted me by suggesting that we donate his books to a library. That's love in my house.

I think that if I had less stuff (except yarn of course), then I could concentrate better and have a more organized brain. I wish that I could apply my academic brain to housework - somehow it just doesn't transfer.

On a related note, the principal at our school gave upper graders a lecture yesterday about the importance of being on time and not wearing coats in class. I showed up late and don't want to take my coat off because the only blouse that didn't need ironing is slightly see through! I hate man-made fibers, but I might just have to give in and buy some polyester (Uhh, I can barely even say that word out loud!) for the days when I wake up 10 minutes before I am supposed to be at work.

Haiku of the day: Knitting, laundry, and getting it all done.

Crying over socks...
How do some women do it?
Try again today.

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