Monday, November 5, 2007

Coffee and Cass contests

Hurray! I love contests and I love my coffee! After you are done reading this, check out Cass's 333rd post contest at

The history of a caffeine addict.
I started drinking coffee in high school, probably around 16 years old when I couldn't stay awake for Geometry! It was about the caffeine at the time because I poured sugar and milk in.

But my appreciation for the aroma began long before; my paternal grandparents and my parents always started the day with strong coffee brewed in an espresso pot or press pot.

In college, I worked in cafes and at Peet's Coffee in Oakland, CA. Trips to Europe sealed the deal - now I am hooked. The first thing I do when I bring home a bag of Peet's is open it and take a good whiff - it smells like home. I have tried to "go off" coffee many times, but the longest I have lasted is 32 days.

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