Thursday, November 1, 2007

Found: Sweater Pattern

After much searching and much negotiating with my son, I have found the perfect pattern for Zaahir's uniform sweater. My LYS is so cool - I walked in with my silly boys, anticipating flying needles and tangled skeins, but I told them what I was looking for, and they found it, brought me appropriate needles, and I was outta there in 10 minutes! The store is Full Thread Ahead in Los Altos, CA .
So here's the pattern, I casted on last night and was able to do one row before the baby started howling!

But after I did a few more dishcloth rows...

And a few rows of Ahmad's sweater:

I tried to lighten up the picture, but my skills are limited :(
Somewhere in the dishcloth I dropped two stitches, so it is coming out skewed, though still lovely. And it is after all for washing dishes! I was trying to finish it before my sponge wore out, but, no dice.

Last night Zaahir and I made pumpkin muffins - yummy! I think I'll make it an October 31st tradition.
Then we opened four beautiful, organic "Mystery Squashes" while we tried to predict how they would look inside. Later I baked them and sneeked some pureed squash into the macaroni and cheese for Zaahir's lunch. Think he'll notice?

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